Ole Timey Blue variety description

Leaves blue-green with a purple blush; shape obovate to elliptic; slightly dentate margins; semi-prostrate. Petioles and veins light to dark purple. High leaf bloom. Largest leaves 14″ long, 8″ wide. Plants 13-17″ tall, 2-3′ wide. Good eating qualities. Sweet, with a slightly floral flavor, especially after a frost. Slightly bitter/chalky.

Ole Timey Blue variety history

From the late Ralph Blackwell of Jasper, Alabama. Ralph was raised on a farm in the Sand Hills of Fayette County, AL where his relatives grew this blue collard for as long as he could remember. Ralph and his brother, Barry, said the family always just called it ‘Ole Timey Blue.’ They liked the taste of it better than other green-leafed types of collards. Barry noted that the plants “sweeten up” after a couple of frosts in the autumn. Their mother, Ira Blackwell, grew this collard in the 1930s and used the leaves to make a dish similar to sauerkraut. Ralph donated seeds to Seed Savers Exchange in 1989.

Seed Status:

D-pack means that the seeds are available through the Seed Savers Exchange. Regeneration project are underway with some varieties to build up enough sharable seed stock. We are actively looking for more seed stewards willing to regenerate and steward these varieties. Please get in touch if you are interested.