Project Category: USDA Accession

Nancy Malone Wheat Purple Collard – 56

Uniform variety. Ovate leaves are dark green with entire to slightly toothed margins and a lobed outline. Leaves have moderate blistering and purple petioles and midveins. Plants have purple stems and measure 16.5-22 inches tall and 35-43 inches wide. Plants do not form heads. Plants damaged when temperatures reached 20 F. Tender and sweet with some bitterness.

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Ellen Felton Dark Collard – 75

Uniform variety. Leaves are green, elliptic in shape with an entire outline, and wavy to toothed margin. Leaves have moderate amount of bloom, moderate blistering, and an open growth habit. Two plants have a bit of pigment on the petioles. Plants have slight heading capabilities. Plants measure 15-22 inches tall and 22-35 inches wide. Plants fared well when low temperatures reached 20 F. Very good taste qualities. Variety is sweet with slight fruitiness, tender, and low bitterness. Well-liked by Seed Savers staff.

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William Alexander Heading – 76

Variation in variety. Slight variation in intensity of green color of leaves from green to dark green to yellow-green, leaf outline from entire to wavy, and leaf angle from open to semi-prostrate. Leaf shape varies from elliptic to ovate. Leaves have moderate bloom. Leaf blistering also varies from low to moderate. Plants have slight heading capabilities. Plants measure 15-26 inches tall and 25-40 inches wide. Variety has a strong mustardy flavor and slight sweetness.

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