Project Category: USDA Accession

Big Daddy – Greasy Green – 35

Variety has 2 distinct types. 9 of 12 plants are greasy, while the other 3 are non-greasy. One greasy plant has leaves forming a rosette; others are long-petioled. Among non-greasy plants, one is a dark and dull blue-green color, while the second plant is medium green with a kale-like central stem and incised leaves, and the third has highly undulate leaves, a more erect growth habit and is significantly larger than the others. Varieties are semi-prostrate and have no heading capabilities. Tough variety that has some slight sweetness to it.

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Crinkle Leaf – 31

Continuous variation in planting. One plant is a lighter shade of green and more droopy leaves. Two plants are more heavily blistered and the leaves are more dentate (or crinkly as the name says). The others have some variability in leaf shape from flat and round to longer and elliptic. Plants measure 15-21 inches tall and 24-40 inches wide. Slightly tough and bitter, but has some underlying sweetness and a nice spicy flavor. Slight heading capabilities.

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