Project Category: Seed Savers Exchange Collection

Georgia Blue Stem – 7

Green leaves with light green stalks. Leaves have medium thickness, narrow petioles, and high leaf bloom. Leaves are obovate in shape and have a round toothed margin. Plants measure 19.5-28″ tall and 33-43″ wide. Leaves measure 19-25″ long and 8.5-12.5″ wide. Grown in Fall 2015 at Heritage Farm.
Sweet and juicy collard liked by many SSE staff in 2015.

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Morris Heading – 13

Dark green leaves with light green petioles. Inner leaves form a rosette with the ability to form a head in cold weather. Leaves semi-upright; semi-undulating; 17-20″ long; 12-15″ wide. Uniform. Plants reached 16-20″ tall and 3-3.5″ wide in 2016 planting at Heritage Farm. Variety forms nice well-developed heads. Taste is more earthy than sweet and has a strong aftertaste and slight bitterness.

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North Carolina Yellow – 14

Staff favorite for taste in 2014. Broccoli type flavor, sweet, no bitterness. A delicious collard. Plants 11-20″ tall and 23-30″ wide. Plants tend to form a loose head later in the season. Stem color light green. Leaves yellow-green with a few blue-green with a white midvein. Leaves ovate with an entire margin and broadly rounded at the tip. Intermediate leaf bloom. Leaves 11-18″ long and 8-10″ wide. Leaves tend to curl upward. High uniformity among plants. Early season maturity, and not affected by black rot as adjacent collards were when grown in 2014 at Heritage Farm.

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