Project Category: 2020 Variety Trial

Green Glaze – 26

An interesting collard with glossy green leaves, but off-type plants with non-glossy, dull leaves are very common. Plants measure 18-30″ tall and 33-55″ wide. Elliptic, thick leaves have a rounded apex and measure 16-22″ long and 9.75-12.5″ wide. Leaf stems are narrow and light green.

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Miss Annie Pearl Counselman – 27

Sweet, good texture and flavor without sharp brassica taste. Open growth habit. Straight to slightly drooping leaves. Slight to moderate variability in population. Color of leaves ranges from green to blue-green with bloom; plant form ranges from erect to spreading. Low leaf blistering. Plants measure 1.6-2.4′ tall and 2.0-3.3′ in diameter. Largest leaves measure 1.6-2′ long and 8.6-12.2″ wide.

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Brickhouse Old Collard – 33

Variety has variation. Two plants have yellow-green leaves, seven plants have blue-green leaves. One plant with blue-green leaves is very large and has more prominent leaf veins. Two blue-green leaved plants have a dentate margin. Plants measure 14-20 inches tall and 26-48 inches wide. Variety does not form a head. Variety has a strong flavor that some classify as metallic like.

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