William Alexander Heading variety description

Variation in variety. Slight variation in intensity of green color of leaves from green to dark green to yellow-green, leaf outline from entire to wavy, and leaf angle from open to semi-prostrate. Leaf shape varies from elliptic to ovate. Leaves have moderate bloom. Leaf blistering also varies from low to moderate. Plants have slight heading capabilities. Plants measure 15-26 inches tall and 25-40 inches wide. Variety has a strong mustardy flavor and slight sweetness.

William Alexander Heading variety history

This heirloom variety is from William Alexander of Columbia, North Carolina. Mr. Alexander is an African-American farmer who has saved seed all his life, since about 1940. He can’t recall where he first got the collard seed, though it was probably from his father. William likes the variety’s slight heading trait and selects for that when he saves seeds. In 2004, he gave some seeds of the variety to Dr. Edward Davis, a professor of geography at Emory & Henry College, who was collecting heirloom collard strains for preservation on behalf of the USDA Accession. Seed Savers Exchange requested this variety in 2016 from the USDA Accession collection (PI 662816).

Seed Status:

This variety has been successfully regenerated and is available on The Exchange. Click the button below to request this seed from the Seed Savers Exchange Collection.