Tabitha Dykes variety description

Slightly spicy, average flavor. Moderate variation seen in this variety. Variation in intensity of pigmentation in most pronounced; some plants have a purple blush throughout leaves, stem, and petioles. Degree of blistering is also variable. Obovate purple-green leaves have wavy margins. Amount of leaf bloom is also variable from light to heavy. Open plants measure 2.0-2.6′ tall and 2-3′ in diameter. Largest leaves measure 1.5-2.0′ long and 8-12″ wide.

Tabitha Dykes variety history

Elbin McLaurin of Soso, Mississippi received this collard variety from a friend, who originally got them from Tabitha Dykes (pronounced Tu – Byth’ uh) b. 1886, d. 1986. She was a well-loved member of the community, whom everyone called “Aunt Tabitha.” Elbin believes this seed has likely been saved for over a hundred years. Elbin typically grows about 60 plants each year and gives a lot of collards away. In 2006, Elbin shared seeds with Dr. Edward Davis, a professor of geography at Emory & Henry College, who was collecting heirloom collard strains for preservation on behalf of the USDA Accession. Seed Savers Exchange requested this variety in 2016 from the USDA Accession collection (G 33031).

Seed Status:

This variety has been successfully regenerated as is available on The Exchange. Click the button below to request this seed from the Seed Savers Exchange Collection.