Reba’s variety description

Variation in population. One in 12 plants is much more prostrate in growth. One plant is more light green in color and doesn’t have as ruffled leaves. Leaves elliptic to ovate and have a wavy margin and lobed outline. Leaf angle is open to prostrate. Slight heading capabilities. Plants measure 15-22 inches tall and 30-42 inches wide. Average eating qualities.

Reba’s variety history

Stewarded by Julian Wooten of Jacksonville, North Carolina. Mr. Wooten got seed from his mother, Reba James Wooten, a long-time seed collector who lived in the Cypress Creek area of Duplin County, NC. She was in her 80’s at the time of her death in the early 1990’s. Reba received seed of this heirloom variety from her parents, who collected it in the Maple Hill section of Pender County, NC. In 2004, Julian gave some seeds to Dr. John Morgan, a cultural geographer and professor of geography at Emory & Henry College, who was collecting heirloom collard strains for preservation on behalf of the USDA Accession. Seed Savers Exchange requested this variety in 2016 from the USDA Accession collection (PI 662808).

Seed Status:

D-pack means that the seeds are available through the Seed Savers Exchange. Regeneration project are underway with some varieties to build up enough sharable seed stock. We are actively looking for more seed stewards willing to regenerate and steward these varieties. Please get in touch if you are interested.