Miss Annie Pearl Counselman variety description

Sweet, good texture and flavor without sharp brassica taste. Open growth habit. Straight to slightly drooping leaves. Slight to moderate variability in population. Color of leaves ranges from green to blue-green with bloom; plant form ranges from erect to spreading. Low leaf blistering. Plants measure 1.6-2.4′ tall and 2.0-3.3′ in diameter. Largest leaves measure 1.6-2′ long and 8.6-12.2″ wide.

Miss Annie Pearl Counselman variety history

In 2012, Miss Annie Pearl Counselman, a 94-year old gardener in Clarke County, Alabama, shared seeds of this variety with Tom Lambard. Miss Annie Pearl received the collard sometime in the 1950s while she and her husband were living in New Prospect, AL. At that time, their Baptist church had recently gotten a new preacher named Brother Tyson. When the preacher’s wife came to visit, she brought some collard seeds to share. Miss Annie Pearl has been growing and saving them ever since. Tom Lambard of Mobile, Alabama donated this variety to Seed Savers Exchange in 2015. Tom requested that the variety be called ‘Miss Annie Pearl Counselman’ collards because as he said, “after 60 something years, I think that’s what they are.”

Seed Status:

This variety has been successfully regenerated and is available on The Exchange. Click the button below to request this seed from the Seed Savers Exchange Collection.