Green Glaze variety description

An interesting collard with glossy green leaves, but off-type plants with non-glossy, dull leaves are very common. Plants measure 18-30″ tall and 33-55″ wide. Elliptic, thick leaves have a rounded apex and measure 16-22″ long and 9.75-12.5″ wide. Leaf stems are narrow and light green.

Green Glaze variety history

Donated to SSE by William Woys Weaver (PA WE W) who acquired the variety from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange of Virginia. A variety by this name is described by American horticulturist, Fearing Burr, in his 1863 book “Field and Garden Vegetables of America.”

Seed Status:

This variety has been successfully regenerated and is available on The Exchange. Click the button below to request this seed from the Seed Savers Exchange Collection.