Cabbage Collard variety description

Variety is rather uniform. One plant has less blistering and less ruffling at the margin, while two plants have a bit of purple on underside of petioles, and slight variation in plant color from green to light green. Leaves are spatulate in shape with a lobed outline and wavy to toothed margin. Leaves have low to moderate blistering and light green to purple petioles. Plants have a moderate heading capability. Plants measure 15.5-27 inches tall and 28-42 inches wide. Variety has a slight spice to it and is a bit bitter.

Cabbage Collard variety history

This heirloom variety is from Mildred Huggins of Gallivant’s Ferry, South Carolina. Ms. Huggins received the variety from her mother, Letha Graham Cook (b. 1913), and estimates that it dates to before the 1930s. In 2005, Ms. Huggins shared seeds with Mark Farnham (USDA Accession), Dr. Edward Davis (Emory & Henry College) and J. Powell Smith (Clemson University) who were collecting heirloom collard strains for preservation on behalf of the USDA Accession. Seed Savers Exchange requested this variety in 2016 from the USDA Accession collection (PI 662835).

Seed Status:

This variety is low quantity in the Seed Savers Exchange collection and is currently being regenerated in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.