Willis Collard Greens 107831

Large plants, growing up to 3’ across. Leaf color variable from yellow-green to green to blue-green; shape ovate to elliptic; entire margin; broadly rounded apex; semi-prostrate leaf angle. Leaf midribs and veins light green to light purple. Petiole pigmentation ranges from absent to purple. Largest leaves 14.5” long, 9” wide. Tough, leathery leaves; slightly bitter; not very sweet.

Donated to Seed Savers Exchange in 1987 by Naomi Willis of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. This family heirloom collard was grown by Naomi’s mother and grandmother as early as the 1920s. One of Naomi’s childhood chores was to pick insects off the collard leaves and into a milk can of kerosene and water. She disliked the job, but was paid five cents for each full can. Naomi prepared the greens by cooking them in water with a piece of fat back or ham and seasoning them with hot pepper vinegar.

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