Susan Turner 133031

Variety is highly variable. Two plants are darker blue-green in color and have highly dissected/lobed leaves. One significantly different plant is completely prostrate with leaves lying flat on the ground. Another plant has some light purple pigmentation in leaf petioles. Other plants show some variation in leaf blistering. Plants have a moderate heading capability and measure 11-24 inches tall and 22-43 inches wide. Sweet with a hint of bitterness and nice texture.

History: Acquired by Seed Savers Exchange in 2016 from the USDA collection (PI 662800). This variety was collected on behalf of the USDA by Dr. John Morgan (professor of geography at Emory & Henry College) in 2004 from Phil Harper of Albertson, North Carolina. Phil received this variety from his wife’s uncle, Billy Houston, who died a few years earlier at the age of about 85. Mr. Houston obtained the collards circa 1950 from Susan Turner, an elderly woman who had been saving the same strain for several decades in the nearby town of Beulaville, NC.

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