Fulton Stroud 133052

Most plants are uniform. One plant has more horizontal, spreading leaves. Another plant is a lighter shade of green. All plants display some variation in leaf angle from almost erect to spreading. Leaves are spatulate with a lobed outline and wavy to toothed margin. Leaves have low to moderate blisterting and are open to prostrate. Non-heading variety. Plants measure 13-32 inches tall and 20-42 inches wide. People either really liked the strong spicy flavor or hate it.

History: Acquired by Seed Savers Exchange in 2016 from the USDA collection (PI 662837). This variety was collected in 2005 by Mark Farnham (USDA), Dr. Edward Davis (Emory & Henry College) and J. Powell Smith (Clemson University). They obtained the collard variety from Timmy Elliott of Nichols, South Carolina. Mr. Elliot got his seed from Fulton Stroud in 1992, who claimed it dates back to 1900.

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