Cabbage Collard 132994

Plants 19-26 inches tall by 35-42 inches wide. Leaves elliptic in shape with a wavy margin. Leaves have low blistering and light green petioles. Leaves are open to erect. Plants form moderate heads. Variety has variability. Two plants are not as yellow-green. They have light green leaves. Of these 2 plants 1 is more compact and upright in growth while the other is more spreading and much larger. Taste is sweet and texture is rather tender.

History: Acquired by Seed Savers Exchange in 2016 from the USDA collection (PI 662796). This variety was collected on behalf of the USDA by Dr. John Morgan (professor of geography at Emory & Henry College) in 2004 from Ila Holman of Princeton, North Carolina. Ila Holman has been growing and saving seed of this variety since about 1955. Her son, Jerry Holman, continues to grow the collards today. Ila explained that as early as 1915, her maternal grandfather, Jack Alcock of Johnston County, NC, was growing and collecting seed of this variety.

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